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A single hair has a lifespan of about fi

A single hair has a lifespan of about five years #funfact


Top 5 Tips for Stellar Summer Skin

Top 5 Tips for Stellar Summer Skin


Want great summer skin? Who doesn’t! It can certainly be a challenge though as we are spending time outdoors enduring brutal rays from the sun, indulging in summer treats, and playing hard at our favorite summer activities.  All of these things can affect the health of our skin.  Here are our Professional Skin Therapist’s Top 5 Tips for Stellar Summer Skin:


SPF:  First and foremost, protect your skin from the damaging effects of UVA & UVB rays.  This is important for the immediate and long-term health of your skin.  Preferably use something specifically formulated for the delicate skin on your face.  Choose a sunscreen that is oil-free to avoid feeling heavy and oily, and to avoid clogging pores.  Your skin is already producing more oil this time of year, so it’s better to go light.  There are even “makeup” products that have sun blocking properties that can kill two birds with one stone, such as glotherapeutics Moisturizing Tint SPF40 which gives a sheer foundation coverage while moisturizing and providing sun protection.


Moisturize:  Even though it’s summer and your skin is producing more oil, it’s still very important to hydrate the layers of skin with a moisturizer.  Moisturizing will keep your skin in-balance and reduce its need to OVER-produce oil which can be a result of dehydration. Try switching up your moisturizer from the one you have been using during the dryer months with one that is lighter and less dense, and is perhaps oil-free.


Watch Your Back: Since we’re showing more skin in the summer, don’t forget to take care of the parts of your body that will be exposed.  Paying attention to the skin on your back and chest are just as important as taking care of your face.  Since extra sweat and exposure to the elements can clog pores, use a cleanser with salicylic acid to keep your back and chest clear of embarrassing breakouts. You can even use a “facial” cleanser containing salicylic acid on those areas to treat the skin.  A back facial or chemical peel  from a professional can jumpstart the health of the skin by removing dead skin cell buildup.


Exfoliate:  This goes for both face and body.  Being outside in the sun soaking up rays with hair blowing in the wind will toughen the skin on your face.  Exfoliate more often in the summer, especially after long days at the beach, to keep that dead skin cell build up at bay.  With exposing more skin, we also tend to wax or shave more frequently.  Exfoliating will give you better results with less irritation and less opportunity for in-grown hairs.


Hydrate:  This is perhaps the most important.  Drinking plenty of water is not only vital for your overall health, but also for the condition of your skin.  Whether you’re jogging around the lakes or indulging in your favorite summer-time cocktail, water will help that beachy sunkissed skin maintain elasticity and feel softer.

Salon Tools

We know you put a lot of thought into the products you use in your hair, but did you know that the tools you use can have a huge effect on the health of your hair? Professional quality styling tools are of the utmost importance and can prevent problems such as frizz, heat damage and color fading.

When searching for a new tool, three of the most important words you should look for are: Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline. Ionic products emit negative ions that bind with positively charged ions in hair cuticle, or the outermost layer of the hair shaft,  breaking down water droplets faster than store-bought tools. This allows the cuticle to lock in moisture which stops frizz and keeps hair looking sleek and healthy.

When a tool contains “ceramic” it means the plates contain the solid, non-metal that provides non-stick qualities that allow them to glide easily on hair. Ceramic maintains an even temperature throughout the plates which eliminates hot spots that can cause damage. This gives the hair that shine and smoothness that everyone wants.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that when heated, naturally emits negative, infrared ions. Those negative ions prevent frizz and break down water molecules in the hair much faster. This results in a faster dry-time after showering.

Let’s take a closer look at the professional-grade tools used at Jungle Red that offer these three keywords and what benefits they bring our Stylists, and you!


Blow Dryers

BaByliss PRO

This hair dryer contains ceramic. That’s it’s first big benefit.  It was also designed to dry hair faster using six separate speed and heat settings. It works at 2000 watts of energy and has a AC motor that draws the power from the socket giving more airflow with less strain on the power source making it easy for any home to use. These great features, coupled with it’s easy to clean filter makes the BaByliss PRO a much healthier and more efficient way to dry your hair than store-bought driers.

DevaCurl Dryer & DevaFuser

Unlike other dryers, the DevaCurl dryer and its attachment, the DevaFuser, are specialized for curly, wavy or textured hair. This 1200 watt, eco-friendly dryer has two speed and heat settings. Ion generating technology helps lock in moisture and keep hair free of frizz free, all while showcasing an ultra lightweight design. The “hand style” attachment holds hair still while drying in a way that gives it a 360 degree airflow. “The Hand” dries the curl at every angle while not disturbing the pattern, which results in an even, well-shaped curl all through the head. Many wavy gals don’t realize that disturbing the curls during the drying process can lead to frizz and an uneven curl pattern.

Thermal Styling Tools

BaByliss PRO

BaByliss PRO offers both a ceramic curling iron and a flat iron. While curling and flat irons are usually meant for different hair styles, they both are made from the same material that promotes healthy hair. They are ceramic plated, to heat evenly and produce ions that prevent frizz while making hair sleek and shiny. The BaByliss PRO curling and flat irons each have 25 heat settings, making it perfect for any hair type. With the curling iron capable of reaching 400°F and the flatiron going up to 450°F, we suggest keeping these irons moving to ensure that none of your hair gets too hot.


Salon quality brushes, whether flat or round, are important for any hair style. Brushing pushes air through your hair helping it to dry faster and more evenly. High performance brushes are something that everyone can utilize, no matter the length of hair.

Round brushes are perfect for helping you achieve the full-body style you want. Using the round brush while blow drying your hair, allows the brush to heat up and act like a curling iron, locking the hair into place once it has dried. This is also where the “cool button” on your drier comes into play. When the round brush is secured in the bend of your hair section, press the cool button, this will set your hair in the form it was on the brush, giving you a lasting curl shape and adding shine.

When determining the size of your brush, consider the style you want to achieve and how long your hair is. If your hair is short, find a brush that’s smaller in diameter and if it’s long, look for a larger one. Our Jungle Red Stylists suggest drying your hair in sections that are the same size as the width of your brush diameter.

Spring can be both hectic and exciting,

Spring can be both hectic and exciting, so make sure to take time for yourself. Get a massage or mani-pedi as a reward!

The Bangs Are Back in Town!

If you’re looking for a way to change your look this spring, consider what GLAMOUR is calling one of the hottest hair trends for spring 2014—Bangs! Top industry professionals from around the country are suggesting this trend… “One of the hottest trends for 2014 is bangs!! Bangs are the best way to showcase those beautiful eyes and highlight cheekbones. They’re also a must for those looking to create a New You without sacrificing length. Featured on many celebrities this season, this trend is a need and I predict a lot of bangs hitting the runways this year in fashion.”

Bangs can be adorable, sexy,or even just a cheap alternative to Botox. They can be an easy solution to hairstyle boredom, take years off of a face, and bring attention to the eyes. The key to successful “forehead fringe” is finding the best bangs for your face shape and our stylists at Jungle Red are here to help!

 What Is Your Face Shape?

(Via: http://julianberson.co.uk/)

The first step to finding the perfect fringe style for you, is determining your face shape.  Take a look at the image above to figure out what face shape you have.  If you’re struggling, come in to Jungle Red and one of our stylists would be happy to help you. Once you’ve found your shape, read below to find out which type of bangs best suit you!

(via: www.listal.com)

Oval is considered by many to be the perfect face shape for any style of bangs. Heavy bangs that curve down the sides of the face look great and, if you’re brave, you could even wear them super short or razored for a chic and edgy look!


(Via: www.wallmii.com)

Long, angled bangs frame square faces perfectly. This style cuts the square dimensions so that the eye travels on a diagonal line rather than horizontally. If you are interested in eye-grazing bangs, just make sure to ask your stylist to taper them on the sides, which will soften the angles of your face and give the illusion of length.

(Via: www.redbookmag.com)

Bangs can sometimes make a round face appear fuller, so it’s important to use caution when choosing how to best incorporate this spring’s big trend if you are someone with a rounder face shape. Bangs that are a little shorter in the middle can lengthen a round face making it appear more oval. Airy and wispy bangs that show more forehead, also can add the illusion of length. An asymmetric bang can be a great choice too because it will give the illusion of an elongated, slightly oval-ish face. This way you’ll be able to mask the roundness of your features and the wideness of the forehead.

(Via: http://beauty.about.com)

A heart-shaped face can sometimes appear top heavy, but side-swept bangs will add balance and draw attention towards your eyes. Because this face shape can also come with a fairly wide forehead, a side-swept fringe is ideal. Blunt bangs, cut just below the eyebrows will also cover the forehead, and soften and off-set a more pointed chin. If you have a heart-shaped face, we suggest trying choppy bangs that are long enough to push to one side for versatility.

Clearly, this season is all about the fringe!  Let’s shake off our winter blues and get ready for a new look.  Now that you know your face shape, as well as the best fringe styles for that shape, you’re ready to call the stylists at Jungle Red to schedule your cut. Let’s start spring with a bang!

All About Acne: Advice From an Expert

Ask Jodi:Skin Care Advice from Jungle Red’s Licensed Esthetician


We at Jungle Red offer a wide range of spa services for skin, body and nails. Our aim is to be  a total body and lifestyle resource, not just another hair salon. Our focus is on the total health and wellbeing of our clients, including their skin!  Today we’ve asked Jodi, our Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist, to discuss a problem that many people encounter: ACNE.  It’s a common skin concern that is too often approached in an “over-the-counter” method, but we decided to dive deeper with Jodi to find out the true issues concerning acne and how to treat it on an individual basis.

Q. Why should I care about properly treating an acne condition?

  1. Acne is a common condition that will affect over 90% of people at some point in their lives.  Acne targets both adolescents and adults at any age. While it is not a life threatening condition, it can cause serious damage to one’s self-esteem, confidence and can negatively affect his or her personal concept of their outer appearance.  Acne can also leave permanent scarring in the form of both surface marks and spotted, pigment scars. While it may seem to be a daunting condition , there are many methods available to treat all acne types. At Jungle Red, we are dedicated to improving your skin’s health through professional, and at home treatments.

Q. What causes acne?

A. Acne is a disorder of the skin’s pore and oil glands.  Since all pores have an oil gland inside the follicle, that pore can become clogged. This causes the skin’s natural oil to get trapped inside along with bacteria, forming an inflamed bump on the skin.  There are multiple root causes of acne including hormones in both men and women, genetics, stress, diet or products applied topically, such as cosmetics. Sugary foods will hold toxins in the skin and pores, promoting acne. Putting more vegetables into your diet gives your body additional antioxidants which carry oxygen to your cells. Adding oxygen to your cells will neutralize the free radicals trapped in your pores. Drinking extra water will help flush these toxins from the body and skin. Acne can also be fueled by stress, so getting enough sleep and exercising regularly will also keep it in check!

There are different severities of acne ranging from papule to cystic. Papule acne is located higher in the skin’s surface with a pustule or lesion at the top.  Cystic is a more severe form with deeper, swollen bumps that are mostly red in color. Acne types and severities can change often and can be difficult to self-diagnose, so a treatment is best when approached from a skin care professional.

Q. Is treatment the same for everyone?

  1. No, acne is a condition that occurs in many forms, so the same treatments won’t be right for everyone or every acne type. Different types of acne are approached with different types of ingredients in a skin care system, which makes it important to have a consultation with a professional before attempting to treat it yourself at home.

Ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and glycolic acid all treat acne in different ways.  Salicylic acid is found in products ranging from cleansers to spot treatments and is safe to treat all levels of acne. Benzoyl peroxide is most commonly used for cystic acne and should be used sparingly on a smaller surface area of the skin. Retinol and glycolic acid are two professional-grade ingredients that are not usually recommended for at home use. Receiving regular facials from a skin care specialist will not only treat your current level of acne but it will give your skin the tools it needs to heal and prevent more acne from developing. Facials with chemical peels will also lessen scarring from previous breakouts. Chemicals peels aid in gently encouraging your skin to turn over a new surface layer of cells which heals acne and also helps aid in anti-aging.

Q. How can Jungle Red help me with treating acne?

A. Receiving a routine facial is an important step for long-term success in the fight against acne. At Jungle Red, we offer many options during a standard 60 min facial but we also provide targeted facials that are specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. Jodi can perform peels and exfoliation treatments to help heal, repair and prevent further issues. Another big factor in healthy, blemish-free skin is a daily skin care routine at home with the use of products that are pharmaceutical grade, with the right ingredients. “Pharmaceutical grade” means that all of the products in that line are of high quality and can be recommended for use by a dermatologist. Both parabens and sulfates are found commonly in store-bought cleansers and moisturizers. These cheaper-to-produce ingredients strip skin of it’s natural moisture and can cause bacteria to become trapped in the pores, therefore causing more acne.  We carry glotherapeutics skin care, that is professionally recommended for all skin types and is free of harsh ingredients. Jodi explains the system in your home care regimen as 4simple and basic steps:

Step 1: Cleanse to remove bacteria and impurities

Step 2: Tone to purify pores, balance the PH level on the face and prep skin to receive nutrients

Step 3: Treat to neutralize problem areas of the skin or to apply extra nutrients in the form of serums

Step 4: Moisturize to condition, protect and hold in vital moisture for skin’s health

When your skin is cared for with these 4 steps, twice daily and in a consistent routine, acne and overall skin health will be treated. Once a professional has identified your particular acne issue, the proper treatment and home care system can begin.

Just like the products that you use to care for your face, the makeup you put on it can contribute to acne too! It’s crucial to use a makeup line that is “non comedogenic”. This means that none of the ingredients in the makeup items contain comedone-producing tendencies. “Comedone” is another terms for an oil-clogged follicle that has produced a blemish and caused inflammation in the pore. Just like parabens and sulfates, comedogenic ingredients are cheaper and easier to produce. Ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, carrageenan and acetylated lanolin are commonly seen on labels of comedogenic makeup lines. Our makeup line here at Jungle Red is glominerals. This line is professionally used and recommended as a non comedogenic makeup line that purely mineral based and contains vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea to promote skin health. There is SPF in every foundation and it is approved as a hypo-allergenic option for all skin types.  Jodi has extensive experience in this makeup line having used it for runway fashion shows and also for casual day-wear looks. Consultations for color matching are always free and Jodi also performs makeup applications with a full lesson, so you can learn how to create different makeup looks at home.

No matter what type or level of severity your acne might be, relief is possible with the proper approach. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be led astray by over-the-counter remedies. Jodi’s experience combined with her knowledge will guide you into the specialized treatment that is right for your skin.

As a knowledgeable, licensed esthetician I perform a wide variety of skin care treatments ranging from personal consultations and customized facials to chemical peels and exfoliation treatments. During and after every consultation and treatment, I make personal recommendations for at-home care.  The products you use at home and the skin care habits you practice, play the biggest role in the condition of your skin. I use a pharmaceutical grade brand of products called glotherapeutics. There are a wide range of treatment products that are very rich in antioxidants and are paraben-free.”   -Jodi Stitt attended the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Massage Therapist with nearly 5 years experience.

Glitter Ball 5: Behind the Scenes


Fashion, funk and fun ruled the night on Saturday March 29th at Glitter Ball 5! Jungle Red Salon had the opportunity to help present an exciting charity benefit featuring a concert and a fashion show with hair and makeup styled by the Jungle Red team. We partnered with Rock The Cause, a local non-profit group, to create an evening of charitable giving with all proceeds from the event supporting Ampersand Families.This is an organization focused on recruiting and supporting permanent, adoptive families for homeless youth in the Twin Cities. The famous funk and soul band Black Joe Lewis lit up the stage along with appearances by some local Minneapolis music favorites.The Grain Belt Bottling Atrium transformed into a First Avenue style venue that rocked all night for charity!


The theme for our spring fashion show was 1960’s-meets-modern-runway. We highlighted several of this season’s most popular trends in hair and makeup and partnered with some incredible local boutiques to create a truly unique and fashion-forward event. Blush by Kay, Cliche, Motto and King Brothers Clothiers helped share the hottest trends for 2014 while supporting a wonderful cause. Glitter Ball 5 was an amazing way to showcase local, Minneapolis fashion on the big stage.photo (1).JPGphoto 1.JPG


Now, let’s take a stroll through some of the retro-hot trends for hair and makeup that you can take into your everyday life this Spring!


The Hair

The center part, which was a popular style last year, has started working its way out so our stylists decided to showcase deep side parts, very reminiscent of the1960s. Loose, undulating waves were added to the lengths of the hair to complete this look with, of course, big volume!


To create your own side swept, big hairstyle that’s runway ready, start by taking a deep side part section. Using the end of a tail comb will allow you to take a very clean, deep parting to sweep over your head. Celebrity stylist, Ricardo Rojas who has worked with people like Eva Longoria, suggests using your eyebrows as the proper measurement for the placement of your part. Rojas recommends raising your eyebrows and using the comb to divide a section starting at the area where the high point of your brow intersects your hair.



Once you’ve got your part in place, pin that section securely, then start teasing or “backcombing” along the crown to achieve that height. Then, sweep all of the remainder of your hair toward the back of your head. The look gets finished off by curling the loose ends. Our Jungle Red Stylist, Leah, says the team’s focus was to create a wavier, more un-done look as opposed to perfect barrel curls.To copy the unique curl style, she suggested wrapping the hair by hand around the curling or flat iron instead of using traditional, tightly wound curling techniques.


To create the most streamlined look, be sure to pick a shade of bobby pin that will blend well with your hair color. Finally, add a bit of hairspray to lock out any humidity and hold your new style in place. Jungle Red Owner and Stylist, Suzanne Erickson, recommends Rusk’s “Being Sexy” hairspray to help lock in any style, up or down.This medium hold hairspray can be layered in for a strength that ensures your look will stay perfectly coifed for the evening.

The Make Up

Our makeup artists focused on two primary trends for the fashion show’s makeup: bright peachy lips and winged eyeliner. Our models showcased a mostly bare faced look which was contrasted nicely by bold, winged eyeliner and peach tones on the lips. A light blush was applied for contouring along with a hint of peachy, pastel eyeshadow. Peach tones from light to dark are widely popular trends this spring and will work for any skin tone. Be sure to stop in to Jungle Red to set up a consult with our Esthetician, Jodi to learn more about our professional cosmetics line, glominerals. Consultations are always free and color matching the correct foundation to your skin tone is important in getting the right coverage that will also look like your own natural, flawless skin.


To achieve the perfect cat-eye look, keep the rest of your makeup at a minimum to ensure that the focus is on the eyes. When you apply this vintage trend that was classic in the 60’s, don’t be afraid to go bold! The key to dramatic eyes is a distinct liquid line that extends past the outer edge of the eye and sweeps upward. Keeping the rest of your face low-impact is best but don’t forget to put on your finishing touches! A bit of setting powder over the whole face and of course, a peachy, light-colored lip. Last but not least, layer on that mascara! Use a deep, black color and focus on the outer lashes closest to the winged part of the liner. This final step launches your entire look to “Mad Men” status!


With the support of our Minneapolis community and the many small businesses that assisted Jungle Red’s role in producing Glitter Ball 5, along with the many volunteers, we succeeded in raising funds for an organization that is doing wonderful things for youth in the Twin Cities. Everyone deserves a permanent home and love to share for a lifetime. Jungle Red Salon is committed to using our talents and resources to contribute to charitable causes every year. Glitter Ball 5 will certainly shine on into the lives of the young people in our community.

Hair Thinning and Hair Loss: What should you do?

Do you worry that too much of your hair is falling out when you shower or brush your hair? You’re not alone.  According to leading professionals at the Mayo Clinic it is normal for anywhere between 50-100 hairs to fall out daily.  However, more shedding may mean that there could be another issue at hand.

About 60% of women are currently dealing with some sort of hair thinning or loss, with the most common age range being 25–35 years of age,  explains a leading Trichologist (an expert in hair and hair growth) from London Dr. Philip Kingsley. If you are experiencing noticeable hair thinning at the scalp or if it falls to the ground more than it should, it’s important to assess your particular situation so that a solution may be found.

Although many factors could be contributing to your hair thinning, one of the most common for men is genetics, or what’s been handed down to you by birth. The situation can be more complicated for women. According to the Mayo Clinic, hormonal imbalances is a key factor for female hair loss. Medications (such as those used to treat depression, heart disease, and blood pressure) can also contribute to hair that is more apt to fall out. Of course, styling damage can also play a major role in the health and thickness of one’s hair.  Tresses that have been excessively damaged due to heat and chemicals are more likely to thin and fall out than healthy hair that is cared for with proper products and treatments.

Aside from genetics, many causes of hair loss are treatable.  One of the easiest remedies for hair loss is simply to take proper care of your body – both on the inside and on the outside.  Eating right is crucial to the overall health of your hair. Protein is essential to hair growth since proteins are made up of amino acids, just like your hair. Lean meats, eggs and nuts are go-to’s for your daily meals or snacks. The oil glands around your hair follicles have a vital role in hair growth and zinc is the key to keeping those glands functioning.  Reach for fortified pastas and breads or get raw zinc from chickpeas, poultry or crab. B Vitamins are known to help reduce hair loss or thinning throughout a lifetime. Potatoes, lentils, broccoli, beets and artichokes are all vitamin B packed choices. If you’re not able to reach for these items, daily vitamins will help keep your nutrients at a healthy level.


Your scalp is skin too, just like your face. What you put on it DOES make a difference. Using a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo keeps those harmful toxins from soaking into your skin when you shower, thus creating a healthy foundation for hair follicles. If thinning is a bigger issue for you, the Jungle Red Stylists recommend using the DS Labs system to cultivate new hair growth. This line of products utilizes “nano-technology”, which allows helpful ingredients to penetrate into the cell wall of the skin on your scalp. The ingredients that the DS Labs products contain such as ginseng, nano-copper peptides and plant stem cells all carry the capability to activate the anagen (active) stage of hair growth. This system, when used properly, acts like a fertilizer for hair and stimulates hair follicles to re-start the growth process. A consultation is always best when choosing what level system from DS Labs is right for you.

Remember, if you are experiencing hair loss and thinning, you are not alone and there are many ways to approach a solution.

Rhythm & Red: Christy Johnson and Snowfight

Christy uses her training in graphic design, illustration, photography, and writing to create small frame pictures that she calls “State Icons”, as well as custom wedding and event stationery. She works in mixed-media, branding and colored pencil illustrations. Christy draws her State Icons digitally first, using her mouse, at the tiny size in which they’re displayed. She prints the archival-quality giclées at home, and then finishes them in simple, handmade frames that are made by her parents.


She thinks of her State Icon illustrations as celebrating the everyday. The landmarks, structures, and buildings she draws may not be known around the world, but they often have deep meaning for people for different reasons. They can be little souvenirs of a favorite place, reminders of a good memory, or ways to commemorate an important date.


She has shown her work at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, AZ Gallery, Altered Esthetics, The FrameWorks, Flow Art Space, Twin Cities Pride, Paper Hat, J.A. Geiger Studio, Roe Wolfe, and Foiled Again Salon. Her work can be found in 20 shops and galleries in Minnesota, California, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Ohio.


Christy received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications (Photojournalism emphasis) from St. Cloud State University, and an Associate of Arts degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institutes International Minnesota. She grew up in North St. Paul, Minnesota, and now resides in Minneapolis.

Christy’s contact info: 

Christy Johnson, redshoes26



Snow Fight is the music collaboration of April Sky and Jason Kapel. The duo performs in a variety of settings and styles, performing the songs you know and love as well as an eclectic array of original music. From classy art gallery openings, to late night bar scenes, to their unique and interactive live karaoke package for home parties, there’s nothing quite like Snow Flight.


April Sky

A powerful voice is only the beginning of the story for April Sky. She brings a relentless, upbeat energy that permeates the room. The soul of gospel and jazz with a modern sensibility, April has fronted multiple bands over the years, as well as being an in demand soloist at sporting events for her moving rendition of the national anthem. An Iraq war veteran, an entrepreneur, a singer, and a massage therapist, April is truly an interesting person with many talents.


Jason Kapel

This multi-instrumental musician has been playing music since before he can remember. Though his training is in jazz bass guitar, Jason crosses all genres and is prepared to play the piano, bass, or guitar depending on what the song requires. These instrumental options are what gives Snow Fight a unique sound for a two-piece group. One set of music will find Jason switching between instruments regularly. As a bass player, Jason has been playing around town since high school, when he was playing with his father (on drums) in the Leo Fine Orchestra. Jason also enjoys donating his time and talents by playing piano at an assisted living facility.

Christy Johnson and Snowfight will be showcasing and performing this Wednesday, March 5th from 7-9pm at Jungle Red Salon Spa Gallery.

Fight that Annoying Hair Static!

Ah, Minnesota. The land of 8 month long winter seasons.. This means 8 months of sweaters, scarves, and the dreaded statically charged hair that accompanies them. If you’re tired of those flyaway strands sticking to your face and clothing, don’t worry! The Jungle Red Team is tired of it too! Read on for some tips on how to combat the beast that is HAIR STATIC.

Via http://www.ladyartlooks.com

Many people deal with staticy hair in the winter months, especially those with fine and/or dry hair. The science behind static in the hair is as follows: When the outside and inside loses moisture and the outdoor temperature drops, the electrons in your hair (which are negatively-charged ions) fly off your locks! You are then left with mostly the protons (which are positively-charged ions). Like a magnet, opposites attract. Since there are only positively charged ions left in your hair, they repel each other, thus creating the situation in the photo above.

A great way to prevent static electricity in your hair is to keep your hair nourished and moisturized. Using a hydrating conditioner in your hair after every wash will help keep your hair moisturized. If the added moisture just isn’t enough, you can also control your hair with a little bit of product, such as a serum or leave-in conditioner (a dime-sized amount will typically do the trick). Our Jungle Red Stylist Molly recommends Zenyth serum by Sudzz, a daily use product to seal in moisture and help fight frizz. She also recommends regular deep-conditioning treatments here at the salon, which intensely hydrate your hair. The necessary frequency of these treatments does vary from person to person but pairing a professional conditioning treatment with a haircut is the best way to fight static this time of year.

When it comes to static, it’s best to avoid plastic tools in your hair. Switch to a metal comb instead of plastic because metal is more conductive and will help neutralize the abundance of protons. You can also buy an ionic blow dryer. These devices emit negatively-charged ions that stick to positively-charged hair, reducing static. Negative ions will also help smooth and close the cuticle of the hair which, in turn, reduces frizz and speeds up dry time. What a great combination!

Lastly, in the wintertime those with static-prone hair should avoid wearing synthetic fibers, such as polyester. Stick to natural fibers such as cotton and wool. Get a humidifier for your home to help introduce moisture back into your hair. If you are having a really bad static day and you are completely fed up from dealing with those flyaways, pin the most annoying pieces back, or put all of your hair into a braid, a ponytail or chic bun. Add a little light hair spray and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t worry! Winter will be over before you know it. Until then, use these “science and style approved” tips to keep static at bay until Spring rolls around!

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